Final results for the June 2022 Biodiversity Challenge bioblitz

The final results for the June bioblitz are now in. From June 9 - 12, we had a total of 1146 observations, of 395 species, by 153 different observers. That's a few more observations than the official observations and observers counts in my previous post, which were taken as of June 19 and used for the friendly competition with other municipalities. See that post for details of observations and observers. Metro Edmonton wins the final species count, with 841 species. Whiteshell Park, MB, had the highest species count per capita (134 species; 0.00268 species per resident).
Calgary had two "Super iNatters" - people who racked up 200+ observations, and/or 100+ species. Congratulations to @ammlmt with 217 observations of 145 species, and @base736 with 135 observations of 57 species.
We set up this project as part of a series of summer bioblitzes, across western Canada and northwestern USA. We hope to run spring, summer and fall bioblitzes every year, hopefully we can do a little publicity before the next one, scheduled for Sept. 15-18, 2022.
If you're interested in coordinating this or another bioblitz in western Canada, get in touch with me.
Greg Pohl - iNat user @gpohl
volunteer bioblitz coordinator

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