First two records of a new Sow Bug invader in California!

Common Shiny Woodlouse (Oniscus asellus) is native to Northern Europe, but has become the most frequently encountered Terrestrial Isopod in much of NorthEastern North America.

It can be distinguished by the scalloped flat and jagged edges of its body segments, the 3 segments that make up the tip of its antennas and the often greenish-gold flecks on the back.

Photo: (c) AJC, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

@metsa discovered the first ever published record* of Common Shiny Woodlouse from California in San Francisco in 2014. And this week @kestrel has discovered the second in the East Bay!

Its unclear whether this little invader will ever become as common in California as they have become in much of the NorthEast. But its certainly possible, and if they do, tracking their spread could be very interesting. So keep your eyes peeled for these little buggers if you happen to be exploring California!

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Wow, very cool! I totally can't take credit for the find, though - just the documentation. One of the kids in my group at the very very rainy UC Berkeley bioblitz found this guy after looking under a log and pointed him out to me - I just made the iNat observation!

Anotado por kestrel hace casi 8 años

Hi all,
Could this guy from McLaren be the same?

Anotado por rebeccafay hace casi 8 años

ha - no but that species does have green back flecks but otherwise really different (for example can roll up). See my comments on the obs

Anotado por loarie hace casi 8 años

A 3rd CA record just checked in from Santa Cruz

Anotado por loarie hace casi 8 años

Oh wow - another from one of our bioblitzes! I was looking for them down there since I was turning over so many logs, but didn't spot one.

Anotado por kestrel hace casi 8 años

Cool! Just tweeted a link to this.

Anotado por carrieseltzer hace casi 8 años

An earlier record from 2008:

Anotado por edanko hace mas de 6 años

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