Great Southern BioBlitz 2021 - Starts in 16hrs!

The Great Southern BioBlitz starts in 16hrs! The weather across much of SA looks ideal for all four days. So get your cameras ready and head out to your favourite natural space, or somewhere you've never explored before, or even into your backyard.
If you haven't yet joined the projects for the associated regions and events, here's your chance:
Great Southern BioBlitz 2021 Umbrella
Great Southern Bioblitz 2021- Oceania Umbrella Project
Greater Adelaide
City of Onkaparinga
Barossa Valley Region
The Coorong
Lower Murray
Moth Night 2021 -A Great Southern Bioblitz Project
If you're looking for last minute events to participate in, here's a couple worth checking out:
Moth Night & Wildlife Hike - Brownhill Creek, 8pm 23rd Oct. Tickets limited. (@seamus-doherty)

Great Southern Bioblitz Workshop - Barossa Bushgardens - 1pm 22nd Oct. (@mj_taylor, @speedybaby)

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