Critter Calendar

Happy 2016 everybody! To mark the New Year, we're rolling out a new weekly schedule of featured organisms that we're calling the Critter Calendar.

Inspired by National Moth Week, each week for the duration of 2016 we will announce a featured critter along with a little blurb to help you recognize them and know where to look. We will tally all of the observations made of the critter during the week in a project, and at the end of the week, we will recap what was found and highlight any interesting findings.

We've picked widely distributed, frequently observed groups and have arranged them based on the timing of past iNaturalist observations. So hopefully as many participants from around the globe as possible will be able to find these critters near their backyards.

This first week running from Sunday January 3rd through Jaunary 9th we are featuring cormorants and their relatives!

Critter Calendar Weeks

Critter Calendar weeks so far:

Publicado el 05 de enero de 2016 a las 12:00 AM por loarie loarie


what is it this week?

Anotado por taogirl hace cerca de 8 años

Lizard Week! - sorry for the delay

Anotado por loarie hace cerca de 8 años

No update for this week?

Anotado por whaichi hace casi 8 años

sorry got a bit behind - you can see last weeks Buttercup week here and Asparagus week starting tomorrow here

Anotado por loarie hace casi 8 años

Still loving this concept, Scott. Each week, I've been hunting for the target taxa! :)

Anotado por sambiology hace casi 8 años

This is August 9. What is it this week? Thanks. Nan333

Anotado por nan333 hace mas de 7 años

@nan333 this is Hymenoptera week -- time to go look for some bees and wasps -- or leave out some sugar and you're sure to find some ants! :)

Anotado por sambiology hace mas de 7 años

Sam @sambiology where are you seeing what the critter is? I gave up on this a long time ago because I couldn't figure out where it was being posted.

Anotado por taogirl hace mas de 7 años

If you look on the "wheel" above, you can see what the target taxon is... Is it showing up on your screen?

Anotado por sambiology hace mas de 7 años

@sambiology , don't see any "wheel"

Anotado por taogirl hace mas de 7 años
Anotado por sambiology hace mas de 7 años

I see the conglomerate of all the weeks in over lapping circles and if I put the mouse over it the dates show up for the critter of that specific week.

Anotado por taogirl hace mas de 7 años

but when I look up Projects, cannot find any for the weeks tied to the critters

Anotado por taogirl hace mas de 7 años

I'm not sure that there are new projects created for each week. I'm still on the hunt for the taxon of the week every week (I wrote them in my calendar early this year!), but I think it has kinda phased out. All good -- I'm still having fun. Next week is 'deer week!' :)

Anotado por sambiology hace mas de 7 años

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