Things to Remember: Farewell-to-Spring Buh-bye. It's Sonoma Clarkia!

I was pretty confident of my Clarkia I.D.s just based off my native plant books--until I met Sonoma Clarkia. For me it was just Farewell-to-Spring until @s_pike kindly educated me writing "Drooping bud is certainly not going to be on a Farewell-to-Spring. It’s Sonoma Clarkia. As to whether most C. gracilis in Sonoma is the subspecies, I’m not totally sure! If you see these mid-leaf red spots on this shade of pink it most likely is Sonoma Clarkia. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was plenty of normal gracilis as well." Now I know what to look for and why just another pretty flower photo might not be enough. I am also happy to recognize and honor our local variety by name.

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