iNaturalist 'Observation of the Day' looks to South Australia

An awesome photo of a Common Heath (Epacris Impressa) by Ralph (@rfoster) has been made the iNaturalist "Observation of the Day"!

The Common Heath is present in the south-east of SA and common through the southern Mount Lofty Ranges. It flowers through Winter with numerous pendulous flowers hanging from the leaf axils. Its bright colour stands out against the green/grey of other vegetation during the Winter months. Often a strong pink, the flowers can also be white as shown in Ralph's photo. (In my experience the white flowers are far less common).

Seeds SA species page:

Congratulations Ralph, great photo.

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Thanks Geoff - I didn't know until I read this!

Anotado por rfoster hace casi 5 años

It’s great that you have enabled our South Australian flora to be placed in the spotlight. Thanks @rfoster 👍😀

Anotado por melbo hace casi 5 años

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