How to Find BowerBird Observation on iNat

There may be occasion where you need to find a particular record that came from BowerBird. To do this all you need to do is append the BowerBird URL to the following iNaturalist URL: URL=

That URL finds all records that came to iNaturalist from BowerBird by virtue of the presence of the "Bowerbird URL" field that was added in the process. To find a specific observation just click on that link and then paste the BowerBird URL at the end of it in the address bar of your browser. For Example: URL=
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If i am manually copying over my Bowerbird records, will they still be searchable in this way?

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It just searches on an observation field that is automatically applied during the migration process. Since you're doing it manually you would have to add the field manually. For example, for the following record you already added "Behavior Observed: Mating" so the BB link would just be another one. I added this for your latest record. Its not very important but the images already transferred link won't show yours and if you ever want to find your BB record here you would have to apply a filter on your records (just a few seconds more anyway). I don't recommend you spend the time to add this.

PS. I just today discovered the "Copulating" field, which is more widely used than the free-form"Behavior Observed" field for mating.

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Thanks Reiner. At this point the greater priority is to cram my records onto here, I'm past the halfway point thankfully. I will have the time in the future to add and alter the observation fields. Once again, many thanks to your help in saving our stuff!

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