Talking Plant Phenology with Alison Northup!

Was awesome to have @alisonnorthup visit iNat HQ today all the way from Austin Texas! We had some cool discussions about plant phenology

From left to right @loarie @kueda @alisonnorthup @tiwane

Publicado el 16 de agosto de 2018 a las 04:01 AM por loarie loarie


Thanks for visiting, Alison!

Anotado por tiwane hace casi 6 años

Great to meet you @alisonnorthup but sorry I missed the photo op! 😄

Anotado por alexshepard hace casi 6 años

I actually did think I was smiling. My face-to-brain connection has never been strong.

Anotado por kueda hace casi 6 años

So glad to meet everyone today!

Anotado por alisonnorthup hace casi 6 años

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