iNat staff retreat 2017

We had our 4th annual iNaturalist staff retreat this week. This time, we spent two awesome nights on the Sonoma/Mendocino county border along the coast. We spent some time exploring the Gualala River and Salt Point.

Here @tiwane, @alexshepard, @joelle, @kueda, @pleary and I are at the mouth of the Gualala River where were were surprised to stumble on a vagrant Lapland Longspur (which we sadly all mistook for a Lark Sparrow, doh).

We later found a Walker's Darner along a more inland stretch of the river. Here's tiwane and kueda photographing it:

We also got a lot of more mundane work done discussing budgets and work for the next year. Here we all are hard at work - or at least some of us...:

Here's a link to see all of our observations from the retreat (I know, not super impressive, but September in California is hard...)

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