NEW! Sound Recordings Can Now be Uploaded Directly to iNaturalist

Thanks to the amazing and tireless efforts of the folks at iNaturalist central, we now can upload sound recordings directly to iNaturalist! When you go to the Add page for uploading your observations, when you click on the button that currently says "photos", you can choose sound files now too (up to 20MB in size). Try it out and please do let iNaturalist know if you run into any bugs. What are you waiting for? There's a ton of insects out there singing away!

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This is going to be an awesome thing. I have some recordings of birds that I haven't entered because I don't use SoundCloud.

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Also, don't forget that bird sounds and images can be uploaded to our Vermont eBird project. We HIGHLY encourage bird watchers to put full checklist observations there, which are much more powerful for science and conservation use. Here's the Vermont eBird photo and sound catalogue -,Photo,Video&sort=upload_date_desc&region=Vermont,%20United%20States%20(US)

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