Ravi Batra

Unido: 04.jun.2023 Última actividad: 12.jun.2024 iNaturalist Patrocinador mensual desde julio 2023

New to iNaturalist and joined June 2, 2023!

Instagram - zzravizz
Stats - https://www.inaturalist.org/stats/2023/zzravizz

6/30/2023 - Became a member of the iNaturalist Discord :D https://discord.gg/uskv2yx

7/2/2023 - Became a member of the Mushroom Club of Georgia. https://gamushroomclub.org/

7/22-7/30 - Happy National Moth Week!

Please feel free to correct me if I've made any mistakes with IDs--I'm here to learn!

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