J.R. Kuethe (Yero)

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I am a botanist/taxonomist specializing in the genus Passiflora and currently about to finish the renewed monograph on the genus Passiflora describing all 684 species of Passionflowers currently known worldwide. Within this genus, I mainly focus on the distribution, conservation and ecology of the native species opposed to hybrids and cultivars.

Using my Ecology background combined with decades of experience in botanical fieldwork and collecting, my speciality is to trace down rare, and sometimes even "extinct" species of Passiflora using ecological factors and distribution analyses, furthering the field of "exploration ecology".

I am always open for collaboration, conferencing or advice, and please don't hesitate sending me an email for any identification or question on Passifloras.


For the full list of recognized Passiflora (as of January 2024):

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