Wasini Tour Guide

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We are two nature lovers living on a wild piece of land on an island off Kenya's South Coast, called Wasini.
Apart from displaying and archiving the natural wealth we encounter at home and on safari, we also want to broaden our own horizon of the natural world, and support other citizen scientists on this rewarding journey.

We have an ongoing project exploring and logging the island's biodiversity as observed in the air, on land, in the island's intertidal zone, and above water:

If you would like to view the underwater world of the Wasini/Shimoni channel, please visit this community project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/wildife-in-wasini-s-channel

In collaboration with Leadership for Conservation Africa, we created a presentation "Discover Biodiversity and Conservation on Wasini Island, Kenya". To skip the intro and get right to the wildlife sightings, start at 12:12.

General info on Wasini Island can be found at www.wasini.net.

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