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Born in 1964, Central Hesse. I have been interested in nature since my youth. The initial spark for interest in entomology was the first encounter with the Apatura iris. The enthusiasm was increased by the intensive macro photography. In 2012, my increasing interest in the wild bees began, which I find in large numbers in our garden, which is on the edge of the forest. I am fascinated by their way of life, the amazing nesting and behavioral patterns, their beauty. And if you can watch Red-Tailed Mason-Bee Osmia bicolor at work, you can count yourself lucky. Since many wild bee species, but of course many other insect species, are doing badly, I would like to recruit "friends" for them.
The identification of wild bees, wasps and other insects is usually a difficult thing, but it has been made easier by digital photography. But even I often fail to get further than the genre.

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