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There is not a single moment I have ever spent in nature that I would trade or take back. It is a spiritual connection, and by far the most important friendship I have ever invested in.

My feet on the earth ... dirt, mud, sand... has always been a favorite, and anyone close to me knows that "Do you have shoes" is a reasonable question to ask when we leave the house. Can't tell ya how many times we have arrived to dinner or social events, only to turn around and head back home (or go buy some cheap shoes) because yours truly is barefoot. So if I ever show up to your event late, barefoot, or in clearance out-of-season sandals, I apologize in advance.

I love bugs, birds, and trees. And I am rarely missing an opportunity to wash my hair in the rain.

Living for the moments that remind me this is all connected. I am forever grateful for the humility that nature bestows upon me. I believe that humility deepens gratitude, and gratitude is synonymous with happiness.

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