Tony Pavone

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I just like to be outside, especially in the forest.
Long time photographer and very curious to see and discover.

The audiophile in me, made a dedicated home theater to bathe in music and movies.

The builder; Aircraft assembler for thirty three years, built my own house, also I help out in renovations with friends and family. Now I've started woodworking and made a few benches from felled trees.

Don't get me started on cooking! I seldomly eat in restaurants unless it's something new that I've never had. I have to thank my mother and both grandmothers for the love of food. For my ease in the kitchen a special thanks to my dad, he was a cook in his restaurants.

Foraging, for the longest time I could remember Blueberry hunting is, for me, a place of meditation and well being.

Mycology now that is a tough one to crack! So far so good all the mushrooms that I collected and ate, I'm still here to tell my story...must be doing something right.

If I could, I would live in my 17 foot aluminium canoe. So might as well go fishing, yup there's another one of my hobbies.

I always loved astronomy, still do, but all you need is one question and your off! So now I'm with grips on astrophysics, physics, chemistry, quantum physics, biology, evolution, ...
By delving into all these subjects I only find more stuff to be fascinated with.
So yeah, that's me in a nutshell.

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