Sue Carnahan

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I'm a botanist, moth-er, birder, and naturalist based in Santa Cruz County, Arizona, United States. I'm always learning, and I make my share of mistakes, so feel free to question an ID! In 2020, I finished a flora of the Salero Ranch in central Santa Cruz County (open access:, followed by a flora of nearby Coal Mine Canyon (open access: In 2017, Richard Felger, Jesús Sánchez-Escalante, and I published a flora of Nacapule Canyon near San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico (open access: Our flora of the Guaymas region (The Desert Edge: Flora of the Guaymas–Yaqui Region of Sonora, Mexico; Felger et al.) is published and available for download (free) or print-on-demand ($): Current projects include assisting on a flora of the Santa Rita Mountains (Pima and Santa Cruz counties) and completing a checklist of the plants of Santa Cruz County.

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