Sofia Giakoumi

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I love nature!!! I have always made observations while traveling, in my line of work. AND... now I have a site to show to everybody all that I see during my trips all over Greece!!! Here is my official sort CV:

Scientific personnel, Institute of Marine Biological Resources & Inland Waters, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece.
Since 1998, I have held a position among the scientific personnel of the Institute of Marine Biological Resources & Inland Waters.
I have research interests on conservation of endangered freshwater fish species, on biology and ecology of freshwater fish, with emphasis to the endemic species & on systematic and morphology of freshwater fish. I have participated in 19 national and 12 international projects; in 8 of those I had financial coordination and project administration duties.
I have contributed 12 papers in peer-reviewed journals, one book chapter, two books, as well as more than 35 other publications (i.e., conference proceedings, special publications, newspaper and magazines) and co-authored 43 technical reports.

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