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I was born on an island and grew up on a boat. From a very young age I was completely immersed in nature. I played with crabs, squid, and all kinds of different fish and shells. When we weren't out on the boat, we were on the beach. When I got older I became "a birder" and have been blessed to be able to travel around and see and photograph a lot of different birds. But, bit by bit ... sneakily enough, insects and bugs have taken over much of my attention. It started out with butterflies and progressed to dragonflies. Then moths ruled my world. But now, I've been bitten by the beetle bug. I've been finding really cool beetles in 'mby' and around wherever I go. They come in so many different sizes, textures and colors. And, like with moths, we're a long way off until the law of diminishing returns kicks in ... as there are so many species!
This year will be my sixth (or maybe 7th?) consecutive year of volunteering at the Smith Point Hawk Watch Tower run by GCBO. Every year my raptor identification skills have been getting better and I really enjoy working with Bob, the official counter. I've met a lot of wonderful people out there and seen some fantastic migrating birds. As a bonus, the grounds surrounding the tower have some remnant prairie plants and coastal species so when it's slow raptor-wise I get to scan the vegetation and coastline for moths and beetles! My time spent on the tower and at Smith Point is always the highlight of my year. Well, that and National Moth Week!

I don't know much about anything in particular but I can get enthusiastic about just about ... anything! Thanks to everyone who sets me right when I get an ID wrong and shares their knowledge and experience with me here on iNat. I would like to extend a special thanks to my friend Pauline who has shared more of her time and knowledge with me regarding the natural world than just about anyone - and it's just so serendipitous that we met because of my prior love of the Watson Rare Plant Reserve in Warren, Texas ... where she just so happens to be president. 🐞

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