Lisa Ann Fanning

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My name is Lisa Ann (Malandrino) Fanning. I've always been that "curious kid" digging around in the mud, playing with ants, bringing home some critters that were probably better off left in the wild (but my intentions were good)... I used to linger around the tide pools in Coney Island as a kid when my mom would take me to the beach. She also instilled a sense of curiosity of "let's see what the storm brought us from the sea" after every nor'easter. I love sea creatures, birds (almost ABA 600), butterflies, moths, and have a curiosity for any organism around me. I am a co-compiler with my husband, Rob, for the Ramsey (New Jersey) Christmas Bird Count (CBC) and circle leader for the Sandy Hook and Long Branch (Monmouth County, NJ) CBCs. I am a field trip coordinator for Monmouth County Audubon, an Associate Naturalist for NJ Audubon, and a volunteer Beach Nesting Bird (BNB) monitor in Monmouth County, NJ.

Instagram: RubyMoonbeams and I also run Project.Extinct on Instagram which aims to bring extinct U.S. bird species "back to life" through stereoscopic photography to tell of the importance of conservation.

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