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I am a field ecologist and certified wildlife tracker based in the Swan River watershed of northwest Montana. I contribute technical skills to a variety of wildlife survey, research, and monitoring projects, and I typically use tracking and other non-invasive methods to understand the behavior, habitat use, and conservation needs of sensitive or keystone species. I have worked with birds, beavers, and terrestrial carnivores throughout Northern Rockies, Pacific Northwest, and Northern Forest ecosystems, and I am constantly wowed by all of life's ecological relationships.

I am also a passionate educator who offers customized learning experiences in wildlife tracking and other field ecology skills. I have earned several Level 3 Wildlife Track and Sign certifications (99 percent in Standard and Specialist evaluations) through CyberTracker North America, and I am also a Wilderness First Responder and Montana Master Naturalist. I have led trainings, classes, and presentations for individuals and groups, with people from colleges, nonprofits, public agencies, and more. Please message me if you'd like to collaborate!

I use iNaturalist as a tool to help document, appreciate, and protect biodiversity. I am not only keen to add new species, but also nuanced effects of phenology, substrate/habitat conditions, and ecological interactions in species' life histories. I enjoy using iNaturalist as a tool to learn with/from others, and I try to offer constructive identifications/comments, especially in projects related to wildlife tracking. I welcome any questions you have about an identification I've made (or could help make) for you!

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