Shreyas Kuchibhotla

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I love snakes, spiders and centipedes. My academic interest in their toxins, but I spend no small amount of time searching for them and photographing them in the wild.

As much as I adore snakes, I'm not great at finding them. While I am fairly good at identifying snakes, particularly Indian species, I lack field experience for more subtle characters. On the other hand, I see spiders and centipedes on a practically daily basis and can definitely help with IDing them (or pointing you in the right direction).

My favourite spider family is Gnaphosidae, and I have given myself a target of finding all the species of this family in the UK. I'm also fond of Ctenidae, Sparassidae, Cheiracanthiidae, Zodariidae, Mimetidae and Oonopidae.

I have no particular favourites among centipedes, but I can't help but have a soft spot for the massive Scolopendra of the tropics, and Cryptops anomalans, my white whale for a solid few months. Among snakes, my favourites include the Oriental Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosa), all pit vipers and cobras. I am however yet to see a cobra in the wild...

I also dabble (understatement) in macro photography. My current year is a Canon EOS90D with the Sigma 105 mm Macro lens and a Raynox DCR-150. Feel free to use my photos, but please give appropriate credit, as wildlife photography takes a lot of time and effort.

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