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Being born in the Western Ghats of India - a biodiversity hotspot, its natural to love nature. From the days of my childhood, I liked traveling and exploring new places. This gradual attraction for mother nature forced me to pursue a degree in Botany. Studying life science is always fun as there is no other interesting book ever published as 'nature'.
The Western Ghats of India particularly the state where I live in - Maharashtra is blessed with the history of the Great Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj. The history of this great King is filled with numerous forts which are great destinations for trekking and hiking for us.
So my love for nature turns intense by the fact that we have a lot of places here that we can explore.

My current job profile though is very different and am engaged in the manufacture of vaccines for a multinational company, I love being closer to nature and try to seek adventure when I step out for a holiday or expedition.

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