Beverly Bica

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Hello fellow nature enthusiasts! My fervent passion for the natural world has taken me on adventures across the globe, immersing me in the wilderness and its wonders. While my expertise may not lie in nematode studies or barnacle taxonomy, my heart belongs to the flora and fauna that paint our planet with vibrant life. Accompanied by my loyal Belgian shepherd, I traverse diverse landscapes, capturing the essence of plants and wildlife through the lens of citizen science.

My background is a tapestry of experiences, spanning filmmaking, classical fine art, aviation, science, diplomacy, foreign policy, and a distinguished career in business and on corporate boards. This rich mosaic of roles has honed my ability to see patterns not only in nature but also in the complex interplay of human and environmental interactions. On iNaturalist, my journey is one of continual discovery, where each observation offers a glimpse into the interconnectedness of all life, enriching my understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

On this platform, I value the shared knowledge and perspectives of our community, where every member contributes to a richer, more nuanced understanding of nature. Let’s continue to inspire and learn from each other, nurturing our collective curiosity and love for the natural environment.

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