Michal Sloviak

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I'm qualified zoologist specializing in mammalogy, especially systematics and taxonomy of mammals. Rather marginally other selected scientific disciplines of vertebrates (ornithology, herpetology, ichthyology). I have many years of experience in field research, tracking and observation of animals, in mapping the occurrence of selected taxa, identification and determination of animals for state authorities and nature conservation organizations. I worked as a professional zoologist, curator of animal husbandry in zoo and lately as a manager for the transport of animals between zoos. As a specialist of animal identification and exotic animal husbandry I'm still member of the CITES expert council for Slovakia (with expertise for determination of large mammals and birds). My area of interest is mostly African mammals, their taxonomy, biodiversity and conservation, with a preference for East Africa. I have visited in the past some african coutries for explore and observe particularly rare animals species. My favorite destination for mammal watching is Kenya.

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