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< Don't just accept what you've believed all your life. Challenge your beliefs, find out why you believe in them. Seek the truth wholeheartedly and follow it wherever it leads >

Hi there!

I am a young naturalist based in George ( Western Cape, South Africa ) and loves absolutely everything to do with nature (except maybe a large Harpactira). I am an orchidophile/ orchidologist, which basically means that I'm mad about orchids in general and our local orchids (especially the genus Disa) in particular. I'm also a keen (note: in this context "keen" does not equate to "expert") herper, birder, ichthyologist and very amateur entomologist starting with Lepidoptera and Odonata.
l am privileged to be a member of Outramps, the local CREW branch (CREW = Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers). My profile picture shows the Fairy Star Pauridia aemulans which is found throughout much of the Klein Karoo and frequents damp rock crevices.

I try to publish useful articles on iNat in my spare time, which can be viewed at

Please tag me for the following (you'll get the best results within Southern Africa):
-Asphodelaceae (I'll get to either species or genus level)
-Ericaceae (Might reach species level, if not I know who to tag)
-Orchidaceae (Almost a 100% guarantee of getting to species, subspecies or varietal level)
-Aizoaceae (Genus or species, sometimes Tribe)
-Poaceae (Genus, often species)
-Proteaceae (Genus, sometimes species)
-Plantae (Reasonable chance of reaching species, good chance of reaching family)
-Anura (Good chance of getting down to species level)
-Squamata (for snakes- very good chance of getting down to species level, for lizards- genus is a good bet)
-Actinopterygii (Freshwater- genus, often species. Saltwater- family, rarely species)
-Mammalia (Family -99%. Genus- 89%. Species- 75%)
-Aves (Good chance of reaching species level within South African borders)

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I am a Christian, which means that I believe Jesus made atonement for my sins by His death on the cross and afterwards rose from the dead, thus proving that He was the Son of God and has power to forgive the sins of mankind. It does not mean that I believe Hitler will "end up in heaven", nor does it mean that I believe in indulgences or salvation by works- and it definitely does not mean that I believe the earth is only 6000 or 10,000 years old.

John 1 tells us that everything that exists, everything that was made, was made through Jesus (the Word). That includes the plants / animals that you photograph, the water molecules that sustain life, the nails which were driven through His hands and feet..... and you. You have life through Jesus and exist solely by God's will.

The Bible also tells us that God knows everything. That's a pretty big claim- in fact, a mind-boggling claim. In other words, He keeps track of every atom in existence, knowing its past, present and future. Try to imagine that, if you will. Now try to imagine a God who not only knows everything, but also controls everything- including all those atoms you just envisioned.

The doctrine of the Trinity is a difficult concept, with many underlying implications. One that is important is that there was love before the world began (defined as a sacrificial relationship between 2 or more parties). Another is that we can give God nothing that He doesn't already have.... which means that He must have created us not to get something from us, but to give something to us. And He gave Himself.

Isn't that beautiful?

If you want to learn more about Christianity, need prayer or just want to contact me about something, please write to me at or message me through iNat (top right corner, envelope icon)

If you've been forgiven,
If you've been redeemed-
Sing the song forever to the Lamb.
If you walk in freedom,
If you bear His Name,
Sing the song forever to the Lamb.

-Holy Forever (Chris Tomlin)

Born of His joy and matchless Love,
I spurned the Gift sent from above;
I took the hand that beckoned me,
And crushed it with Hell's agony-
For when I said "My will be done"
I crucified God's only Son.
L. Muller

"...Yizani, khe sithetha-thethane. Noba sewudyobheke wankone sisono, mna ndokuhlambulula utsho ube msulwa; kanti nokuba sewuyinyhuku-nyhuku, mna ndiya kukwenza ube mhlophe qhwa." uIsaya 1:18

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