Louis Aureglia

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I'm Louis Aureglia, a 23-year-old naturalist who is passionate about drawing and taxonomy. When I'm in nature, I can't stop capturing the beautiful plants and arthropods around me.

Right now, I'm a PhD student, and I'm spending time between Marseille (LPED) and Strasbourg (LIVE), which is pretty cool. My research focuses on taxonomy, with a special mission in mind – to comprehensively reevaluate the genus Ravenea. This unique palm genus is native to Madagascar and, for some of its species, shrouded in mystery.

In addition to my ongoing endeavors, I am conducting a comprehensive inquiry into the genus Rumina, a highly distinctive terrestrial gastropod taxon. Within this research, my primary objective revolves around elucidating the intricate taxonomic boundaries, or the potential lack thereof, that demarcate the various species within the genus, with a particular emphasis on the extensive Mediterranean basin distribution.

Here are all the specimens that I have gathered :


Regarding Mollusks, some are preserved in a dry state where only the shells are kept, while others are submerged in alcohol and stored in separate Eppendorf tubes for more detailed observations. All specimens can be found in the university collection at Marseille (Aix-Marseille Université) in Saint-Charles. If you need any samples, feel free to inquire, and I would be happy to send them to you.

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