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I like to call myself a botanist but I get a kick out of any living thing. Most interested in Western North American flora and island ecosystems in the Pacific.
Taxa I am most interested in are conifers, a few flowering plant families, bryophytes, marine algaes and lichens. I also love cetaceans, caniforms, insects, and marine invertebrates.

Specific regions I am familiar with are Pacific northwest and California coast ranges, Sierra Nevada and eastern California, Wyoming Rocky Mountains, California central valley. I am a little bit familiar with the flora of east Asia, specifically central Japan, and New Zealand / Aotearoa, specifically the west Nelson and west south island botanical provinces as well. Also fond of the sea wherever it may be!
I love meeting other people in the botany, phycology, mycology or adjacent communities, so feel free to message me if you are nearby!

If you wish to use my photos for educational purposes, nonprofit conservation, field guides, etc. just ask and I will probably grant you permission as long as I am credited!

If I get any identifications wrong, please feel free to correct them. Sometimes locations for some of my older observations may be slightly inaccurate, as my proper camera does not have GPS capabilities, or my phone fails to capture the precise location, and I have had to upload the locations manually.

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