Yang Yi

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Should've not blindly followed the exam-driven edu system. Studying in China's best school of microelectronics without getting it yet, I'd have switched to ecology if having read Biogeography, "Le Petit Prince" and Konrad Lorenz's works earlier. Born with reading encyclopedias, watching documentaries, catching bugs, while I hadn't really been inspired until 2016 when Ms Batty introduced me off where nobody around showed interest in nature, to a new perspective, thus saving my nearly-ruined life at a crucial point.

Across geography and marcobiology, how landscapes form, how ecosystems operate, and how life fill in their niches fascinate me a lot. I'm also keen on hunt watching, new cooking approach unlocking, and magnificent scenery. As for a particular field of my future possible research, maybe on herpetofauna up canopies, seabirds on cliffs, co-evolution.. on some -nesia, along Oceania coasts, in Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon.. Who knows?

I personally prefer working in where systems/regulations are relatively mature, rather than where the essence lies in coping sophisticatedly with relationships between people of different positions. I'll go crazy if I see a reserve ranger catching Chinese spiny frogs for sale in Jiangxi Province.

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