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Retired professor of plant physiology and biochemistry. I have life-long interest in outdoors and nature, including photography. In retirement, I am starting to volunteer with Lakehead University (LKHD) herbarium. I plan to fill gaps in botanical understanding of NW Ontario, possibly set up a couple of regionally relevant projects; encourage Thunder Bay Field Naturalists to participate in iNaturalist, and to encourage students to contribute information, particularly from the neglected W2 ecoregion of NW Ontario.
Macro shots (usually with blue background are done for consistency at 1x or 5x magnification (unless otherwise specified). I.e. the images from an APC camera sensor are 21.6x14.4mm, or at the highest magnification 4.3x2.88mm. Microscope shots are usually at 40x, with a scale bar included.
Established Thunder Bay Field Naturalist club's youth group called NEWT (Nature Explorers With technology). Our members will identify by the actonym NEWTTB.

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