Ken Cheeks

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Georgia Master Naturalist (Completed in 2023), amateur naturalist, and amateur photographer. Graduated with a BS in Biology from Augusta College (Georgia) in 1984. Currently retired after working 40 years in laboratories as a manager, chemist, and research technician. Spent the last 5 years of my professional career as a manager for the Environmental Monitoring Program at the United States Department of Energy's Savannah River Site in Aiken, SC.

In addition to iNaturalist , I contribute to Odonata Central, BAMONA,, and numerous Facebook nature-related groups. I am the founder and a current administrator for the "Georgia Native Plants: Identification and Ecology" group on Facebook, which has over 20,000 members.

Since I live on the Georgia/South Carolina border, most of my observations originate from that area. I am a generalist with my observations and identifications. I try to photograph and identify just about anything that crosses my path. Recently, I've started recording and documenting sounds in nature - primarily birds. I use iNaturalist to document my "Life List" of observations.

I try to advance identifications for others to the next level. I welcome suggestions/corrections to my identifications. If I have made a mistake, I try to correct it. Please tag me if you have a different opinion. I'm here to learn.

I support the conservation of wild spaces and the organisms that inhabit them. I enjoy mentoring the next generation of scientists and amateur naturalists. If you'd like to use one of my photos to further those causes, please contact me. I allow the use of my photographs to promote nature as long as the user gives credit to me.

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