Jim Walker

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Before retiring, I taught biology and other science courses at the high school and college level for over forty years. I started photographing as a child with a Kodak box camera and later progressed to having a darkroom where I spent many late night hours developing, dodging, burning and learning how to work with light to achieve an acceptable print. I became interested in plant taxonomy at an early age, and have photographed plants and other organisms for years, including images from an array of game cameras. I began identifying and photographing dragonflies several years ago and was amazed at how many species there are. After that, I started "mothing" and have been overwhelmed with how many species of moths and other insects are in my yard. It is always fun to find something new, photograph it, then try to figure out what it is.
I became double certified in the East Texas Master Naturalist program (2022), and this is what I do now!
Website: East Texas Nature https://www.jimwalker.gallery/

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