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I'm a birder and naturalist living in Loveland, Colorado. I grew up in La Verne, California, moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and, then moved to Colorado in 2017. As a naturalist, I have taken on the challenging task of photographically documenting the entire macroscopic biodiversity of my home county of Larimer, Colorado. I share all of my non-bird observations with and all my bird observations with Contributing to citizen science is extremely rewarding to me. Currently, I'm working on my Bachelors Degree in Secondary Biology Education online through Western Governors University and am employed in the grocery industry. I look forward to teaching high school biology; although it will be challenging, I'm excited to invest in the next generation! Birding-wise, I enjoy scanning through large flocks, thoroughly covering birding locations, and studying topics such as advanced ID and hybridization. Some of my favorite bird groups are waterfowl, gulls, shorebirds, and owls. North American vertebrates are my strongest area of knowledge but I also have some experience birding in Costa Rica and Argentina and book knowledge of many Latin American and Australian birds.

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