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Recently moved to Huntsville, Alabama, after living in Central New York for most of my adult life. I have a particular affinity for fish, salamanders, isopods, and cave animals, but I have been really enjoying learning all about my local flora and fauna. I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of the Southeast!!
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Interested in seeing more cave life near you? Join a grotto! These are local caving clubs that teach and encourage responsible caving ethics. That's how I got interested in subterranean biology and you'll meet a ton of great people! Find your nearest grotto here (US-centric guide for now): Find a Grotto

Some of my favorite iNat queries and tools:
General wiki on using iNat URL tools
Querying the lower 48 states (excludes Alaska and Hawaii)
All fish query (includes ray-finned fishes, agnathans, elasmobranchs, chimaeras, and lobe-finned fishes)
Carnivorous plants query (Lentibulareaceae, Droseraceae, Sarraceniaceae, Nepenthaceae, Cephalotaceae, Drosophyllaceae, Byblidaceae, Roridulaceae)
Herps query (Reptiles and amphibians)
View your least-observed taxa - This is essentially a tool to show you the rarest taxa that you've observed. It generates a list of your observed taxa sorted by the least number of observations on iNat.
Unobserved in my state (AL), with open geoprivacy and open taxon geoprivacy, and with position accuracy <50m. This is a great way to find species you haven't seen yet - just replace hydrophilus in the url with your own username, then redo the query in your own state/province/region.
Streak finder - see your top ten longest observation streaks on iNat
View your Maverick IDs
Compare tool

Atlas of the Inland Fishes of New York State (Updated link 23-May-2023, thanks @dirtyjerz!)

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