Harrison Wu

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Zoologist, traveller, and wildlife photographer with a general interest in all animals. I have been interested in animals (both vertebrates and invertebrates) since I was a little kid starting off with an interest in prehistoric fauna before including extant fauna. My goal is to document as many animal species as possible on iNaturalist in order to help aid in research and conservation as well as to act as an archive of what I saw.

All observations are photos I managed to take in the wild to the places I've been to. In addition, any animals that were caught and handled were done in an ethical manner and were released within a specific timeframe. Any reasoning or changes to my observations is encouraged and subspecies identification is strongly desired if it can be identified that way. Please DM and credit me if you wish to use the photos for research, showcase, etc.

Any unidentified animal species + taxa I have can be found below, thank you to all who help as well as to teach me what occurs out in the wild!


BSc Zoology Major from the University of British Columbia
MS Integrative Biology Major from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign


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