Gerben ter Haar

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Hiking distances, combined with mixed amounts of birdwatching, dragonfly searching, and butterfly stumbling. Mostly in the Netherlands, sometimes abroad... Europe or Japan, my main focus here on inat. (still feeding my JP 2020 records in the database)
As a dutchman, my main recording site is / Dutch feedback on foreign records is sometimes scarce so I will post all foreign media supported records here.

Latest archive record uploaded: Tundra Bean Goose 29 December 2017

On my IDs: I try my best at ID-ing (mostly) Japanese birds, dragonflies, and butterflies. I have some field experience with Japanese species, but I do my best to check other species too, as i hope to be able to help along ID skills of others and myself.

my dutch records:
my japanese (photo-supported) records:
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