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Herman Venegas P

A native Costa Rican, Herman’s story of how he got into birding shows how contagious the love of birds can be. He began working at Rancho Naturalista Lodge in jobs unrelated to birding. Soon the resident bird guides there noticed that he showed a great interest in birds - and was eager to learn more. Of course, they obliged, and soon Herman was joining them on walks and day trips in his free time. Herman progressed to become the resident bird guide at Rancho Naturalista and held that position for 6 years.
As many guides do, Herman wanted to branch out and get to know all of Costa Rica's birds, taking every opportunity to travel with his fellow birding friends who just happen to be some of the premier birding guides in the country. He has now worked as a full-time Costa Rica bird guide for the last 14 years, getting rave reviews from his many satisfied clients. His bird-finding skills and easy personality will add greatly to your enjoyment of the tour, not to mention his knowledge of all things Costa Rica can offer.
Herman lives in Platanillo (near Rancho Naturalista Lodge) with his wife Jenny and their two children, son Yurell and daughter Danna.

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