Mark Greene

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I have been interested in nature and the outdoors since I was a child. I started birding in 1988 and it has been a passion of mine ever since. I have a BS degree in Natural Resources Management: Wildlife Biology from the University of Tennessee at Martin. I have served on the Tennessee Ornithological Society's Bird Records Committee several terms. I am an eBird Reviewer for several counties in western Tennessee and I am the eBird Hotspot Coordinator for Tennessee. In addition to birds, I am interested in all outdoor things and critters. I am a Utility Forester for a rural electric cooperative in NW TN so I am outdoors a lot on my job as well as in my free time. My favorite bird species are Red-tailed Hawk (I love the influx of northern birds that we get in the winter months and the variety of subspecies and color morphs that winter here), Anhinga, and Loggerhead Shrike. I love all buteos and I'm also really into shorebirds, warblers, dragonflies, moths, cicadas, and snakes.

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