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Plant scientist interested in the biology of bryophytes and their fungal symbionts. My doctoral studies investigate how genes regulate moss development, and in my own time I explore and describe ascomycete fungi that interact with mosses and liverworts.

I curate the 'Bryophytes of Britain and Ireland' and 'Bryophytes of Southern Africa' project groups here on iNat. All of my IDs are hypotheses based on photographs provided and as such there is an error rate (I'm only human). It's worth being aware that these little things are not always identifiable to species or even genera from photographs, but we can often get closer than "Bryophyta" for most of them.

I check over a large number of bryophyte observations and sometimes do not provide reasons for ID because I do not always have much time. If you would like to know why an ID was suggested, feel free to comment or to message me, or try Googling the species (Latin names). I have less time for iNat than I used to so please tag me if you want me to take a look at observations – a lot slip through the net. If my comments seem curt, this is not intentional – I am just usually in a rush and would rather provide some feedback than none :)

My website / blog on bryophilous ascomycetes (fungi) in the British Isles:

More pics on Twitter: @ilichenmoss

I am on the Education and Training Committee of the British Bryological Society.

Fellow of the Linnean Society.

BA Biological Sciences, University of Oxford
PhD Plant Sciences, University of Bristol (current)

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