Emma Ferreira

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Originally from the Eastern Cape. Studied in the Free State. Relocated to KZN. Relocated back to the Free State.


  • Former Herbarium Assistant at Geo-Potts Herbarium at UFS.
  • Currently an Ecologist, working mostly in the Free State, Northern Cape and North West Provinces.


  • B.Sc. in Botany and Zoology (UFS)
  • B.Sc. Honours in Botany (UFS)
    In my honours year I investigated the reproduction capabilities of Raphionacme hirsuta.
    I started my Masters Degree on the Nemesia (Scrophulariaceae), with focus placed on Nemesia species in the Winter Rainfall region. I mapped the distribution of all 65 species in SANBI's herbarium dataset. However, my study species were Nemesia anisocarpa, Nemesia pulchella/N.cheiranthus and N. macroceras, where I looked into the floral spur morphological anatomy and the phytosociological aspects of these species. However, I did not complete my MSc as I ran out of "time".

Botanical Society Free State Branch committee member.

  • Organiser for the Bloemfontein and Free State CNC and GSB projects.

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