Nathan Earley

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I am a lifelong naturalist studying ecology in Victoria, BC. I am a PhD student at UVic working with iNat data and the BCParks project ( I completed my MSc in Biology and my BSc (Hons.) in Zoology at UBC where I worked on parasitoid wasp ecology. I have a general interest in all things fauna and flora. In my spare time I am particularly interested in insects, birds, and herps with and ever increasing interest in the non-Animalian. I love community (citizen) science and am also a keen user of eBird.

As an identifier I focus mostly on the gall wasps (superfamily Cynipoidea) of the Pacific Northwest. Plant galls offer an interesting opportunity to identify microhymenoptera without keying out adults. Host plant, range, and gall morphology can often be enough to identify a gall to genus or species. If you’re interested in identifying galls I’d suggest checking out… it’s a fabulous resource of cecidiological information that is a crowd funded passion project of some stellar gall identifiers. The community of gall identifiers and observers have made iNaturalist an excellent resource for understanding gall distributions, especially in North America.

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