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I'm an ESU (Kansas) MS botanist, who studied under James S. Wilson. My work with him was on wetlands in Eastern Kansas in the 70s. After college the Love-of-my-life, and I went on adventure to Alaska with no intention to stay but became enamored with the tundra, ocean, and indigenous people of the Kuskokwim Delta. It began with a one year teaching contract 600 miles off the grid, which extended to 8 years in Yup’ik villages on the Bering Coast, and summer work with US Fish & Wildlife. When our kids were little we moved to the modern world, Anchorage, and continued in public education, but summers of field camp discontinued. Kids activities and family time ruled. Since retirement in 2012, I’ve become a doting grandpa with time to explore wild places in AK, and around the globe once again. In 2013 I joined the Alaska Native Plant Society, and am now a board member, past president, and collector for the UAA & UAF herbaria.

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