Dominic DiGregorio

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Hello everyone, I am @dominid. I like to observe and study all life, but I particularly like to observe and study plants, fungi, insects, and microscopic organisms. I appreciate any corrections to my identifications and any photography tips that you have.

Over time I have learned about identifying earthworms in the Northeastern United States and more recently I have been trying to identify / clean up the massive amount of inaccurate / unidentifiable earthworm records labeled as lumbricus terrestris. If you have any questions about my earthworm identifications, or any of my other identifications, please feel free to ask.
The guides I use for identifying earthworms are the Naturewatch canada guide and the imperial college guide. Even though these guides are not geared to the Northeast, I've found that, with the exception of Amynthas, these guides will generally cover the species you will see around here.

I am the manager of the New York State species of conservation concern series of collection projects, I have made these projects to help me keep track of the species of conservation concern in New York state. If you have any questions about these projects, please feel free to message me. I am getting the conservation statuses for the species in these projects from natureserve and the New York State Natural Heritage Program.

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