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I have been a monitor for the Chicago Botanic Garden Plants of Concern for 18 years and a volunteer at Lake in the Hills Illinois Fen since 1990 and currently steward. I have monitored butterflies for the Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network and birds for the Bird Conservation Network. I have over 5000 images of nature online at www.davidschwaegler.com

Although I have had a life long interest in nature, I had two careers before devoting full time to nature study and photography. With a bachelor's degree in music education and a master's degree in performance from Northwestern I spent twelve years as a band director in Streamwood, Illinois. I followed this with a PhD from the University of Iowa and became a professor of music education.

Although my photography covers the gamut from large landscapes to birds to macro shots of insects, I particularly like to show unusual wildflowers. My goal is to show realistic images of nature at its most beautiful. My collection includes photographs of twenty species of wild North American orchids and over 1000 species of North American plants. My photos appear on several nature related web sites and have been published in Chicago WILDERNESS Magazine including the Spring 2006 and Fall 2009 covers. My prints are used in homes, offices, and hospitals

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