Dave and Janet Morgan

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3 Children
6 Grandchildren
7 Great Grandchildren.
Lives in Shropshire UK.
My wife and I took a PADI course when i was 48 years old, some years later after filling our log books with "above ground" dive site photo's we thought it a good idea to try and take some "underwater" shots.
So we bought a digital camera and taught ourselves through trial and error, the rest is history.
Hobbies include, Travel & Underwater photography, in particular, Nudibranch's.
I am just one half of a team of two, my wife finds the Nudibranch's that i photograph.
The letter and numbers on my photo's are a visual "at a glance" reference to the Country and year in which the shot was taken, the four numbers are the original camera file number and are preceded by the scientific name, example : Aegires_villosus_A13_3487.NEF

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