Darrell K. Moore

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I enjoy scuba diving in Southern California with my wife, oldest daughter, Ryan, and two sons, Trevor, and Spencer. We dive almost every weekend between La Jolla and Orange County. We get out to the Channel Islands when we can.

I use an Olympus TG6, with a mini flash and snoot and I focus my efforts on "macro" photography. All "tips" on how to take better photos are appreciated. I am in constant search of nudibranch, anemones, sponges, corals, worms, snails, and filter feeders.

MY PANDEMIC STORY. I was able to put some of my idle time to good use, my son Spencer and I became "certified naturalists" through the University of California as well as certified divers with "Reef Check." Through "Reef Check" we participate in volunteer dives monitoring the health of our local kelp forests. Lastly, I obtained my "Master Diver" designation through PADI.

Post Pandemic?. In April of 2023 I completed the paleontology class offered by the Anza-Borrego State Park's Department of Paleontology and I am now certified to volunteer at the Paleo Lab. Then in December of 2023 I successfully completed the PADI Instructor Examination!

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