Conor McMahon

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Graduate student in geography at UCSB, using remote sensing (optical imagery, LiDAR, thermal imagery) to monitor riparian vegetation in response to drought and climate change in SW US and global drylands. Also increasingly using bioacoustics to monitor bird communities and behavior. MS Mechanical Engineering (robotics); BS Mechanical Engineering and Biology (Ecology/Evolution/Behavior) from UT Austin.

My expertise is, in rough decreasing order: birds; plants; insects; herps; mammals. Most familiar with Texas and California.

Also an avid birder, but mostly post bird observations to eBird:

Some favorite taxa:

  • Arbutoideae and in particular Arctostaphylos, Arbutus
  • Fabaceae, especially woody shrubs and trees
  • Boraginaceae
  • Passerellidae
  • Picidae

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