Chris Pincetich

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Chris Pincetich is lead instructor for the California Naturalist program in Marin County, teaching this 40-hour certification workshop within the beautiful habitats of the Tiburon Peninsula, the Lagunitas Creek Watershed, and the Point Reyes National Seashore. Chris has worked at Turtle Island Restoration Network educating about the science behind healthy watersheds, campaigning to save sea turtles, and leading projects to protect healthy ocean habitats. Chris has a doctorate in Environmental Toxicology from the University of California, Davis and a B.S. in Marine Biology from University of California, Santa Cruz. He has over 15 years experience leading scientific research and monitoring projects with volunteers, non-profits and academic institutions to investigate water quality, pollution hot-spots, and healthy salmon populations. Chris’ sea turtle conservation work extends from the Gulf of Mexico, where he fought for increased wildlife rescue efforts during the BP oil spill, to nesting beach patrolling on the Pacific shores of Costa Rica. His passion for promoting salmonid, watershed, sea turtle and ocean conservation has been shared through speaking engagements ranging from international scientific conferences to elementary school classrooms. Studying plastic pollution on our shorelines and in marine endangered species habitat is the focus of Chris's current work in marine environmental toxicology.

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