Paul Westell

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I am a retired surveyor and journeyman carpenter and have spent most of my working life outdoors in all manner of inclement weather. In my youth I was a field assistant for several doctoral candidates in various fields of biology. Some years ago I was looking for something to do with my new camera and discovered moths.

Please visit my website at where I have documented my observations over the last few years. So far I have posted some 450+ species of moth in 42 families, most from my doorstep near Coffin Point, just across the harbour from Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. So far it is just the moths, but someday when I feel ambitious I plan to post some of my spiders and other wildlife that has strayed past my lens in the depths of night.

2023-02-10 Coffin Point has now been updated with new species, corrected IDs and cosmetic changes.

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