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Brett is co-owner of Bluebird Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy and organic mini-spa that also advocates the therapeutic benefit of connecting with Nature. He teaches Biology and Environmental Science at the Bolles School. He earned a Masters and PhD degrees in Biology, specializing in topics related to avian ecology and evolution. He's mainly been a birder over the past several decades, but he has recently rolled up his sleeves and started working on a broader slice of Nature, including identifying wildflowers and butterflies in Northeast Florida. Check out his nature photos (usually supplemented with interpretive background information) on the Instagram and Facebook pages of Bluebird Pharmacy (@bluebirdpharmacy). As the name of the store suggests, he also likes bluebirds, and monitors a couple dozen Eastern Bluebird nest boxes across Duval and St Johns Counties. He's helped produce 100+ bluebird fledglings each year for the past several years.

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